"Iris" - Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver Necklace


Image of "Iris" - Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver Necklace

Known for its blue color, Lapis Lazuli has been a highly valued stone for many thousands of years. The Latin "lapis" meaning stone, and the word "lazuli" coming from the Persian/Arabic lazhward or blue (as in "azure") were put together to create a name that means "blue stone" or stone of azure.

In many cultures, lapis lazuli was regarded as a holy stone and thought to have magical powers. To enhance those powers even more, a tiny blue topaz with an intense iridescence was added to complete the design. The stones are flawlessly cut and polished and the combination of shapes, colors and textures is gorgeous in every way! Muted golden pyrite intrusions add a perfectly translucent appeal to the stone.

Encased in sterling silver, the pendant measures 45mm (approx. 1 3/4") in length (including the bail) and 22mm (approx.. 7/8") at its widest point and hangs from a solid 925 sterling silver chain, 18" long.

Handcrafted - One of a kind.

Lapis Lazuli is rare and only found in only a few places including Chile, Baffin Islands, United States, Siberia, India and Afghanistan, where it occurs in large deposits.

As an ancient gem, Lapis Lazuli has a fascinating history. This semi-precious mineral was usually used for artworks of great importance such as the funeral mask of Tutankhamen and the decoration of the Taj Mahal. It was said to be the stone of rulers and to represent power and some ancient cultures actually valued Lapis Lazuli as much as or more than gold. Lapis Lazuli was believed to give good judgment and insight, enhance wisdom, and stimulate inner vision and promote peace of mind.