Bridal Garters

The wedding garter is one of those age-old traditions that makes you either laugh or cringe, but it is for sure one that has stood the test of time. Even brides that don't embrace the garter toss sometimes wear a garter as a sensual addition to the wedding night. Whether or not planning to do the traditional toss, a bridal garter is a fun and sexy wedding accessory. 

What does a wedding garter symbolize? 

A symbol of Good Luck and Fertility in the late Renaissance period, the garter remained a lucky symbol for whoever held it or wore it during those times and for hundred of years after that, into our modern times.

Can I have my wedding garter custom-made?

Explore our collection of wedding garters and ask to have your preferred design made to order based on your measurements and preferred lace color, with your choice of high quality glass crystals, delicate pearls, seed beads, or ethereal blossoms. Order as a single garter or as a set (one to keep and one to toss if you are planning to do the traditional toss), and have as much fun as you can with this century-old tradition on your special day!