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Bridal Hair Vines

Romantic and elegant, our bridal hair vines are the perfect accessory to dress up nearly any bridal hairstyle. Wedding hair vines are having their moment in the bridal spotlight and are here to stay. Whether your style is classic, bohemian, bold, or vintage, chances are that you will find your dream hair vine here!  

What are wedding hair vines? 

A bridal hair vine is a delicately twisted length of wire, decorated with crystals, pearls, and metal or flower accents that works with a broad selection of wedding hairstyles and other accessories to create the look that will suit the personal style of every bride-to-be. 

How to wear a bridal hair vine?

Our hair vines are designed such that they can be worn in multiple ways - as a headband, forehead or back of the head accessory, wrapped around an intricate bun, as a side accent, or weaved into a long side braid. Just let your creativity flow and allow this versatile hair accessory to add glamour and sophistication to your bridal look.