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Are you planning a wedding with all rose gold jewelry and accessories, or wanting just a few touches of rose gold to accent your overall look? We have them all! From beautiful earrings and jewelry sets, to headpieces, belts and garters, we offer an extensive assortment of rose gold jewelry and accessories to suit your style and budget. 

What materials go into the creation of our rose gold bridal jewelry designs? 

Our rose gold bridal jewelry designs are carefully crafted with hypoallergenic materials and feature quality pearls and high-grade cubic zirconia and Austrian crystals with an incredible sparkle, translucent opals, rhinestones and quality pearls. 

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a type of colored gold, a shimmery metal in a charming pinkish hue that has taken the jewelry world by storm. Rose gold is created when gold is mixed with silver and copper alloys. The addition of copper and silver helps to strengthen the gold and gives the metal its signature pink hue. The more copper content that’s in the mix the redder rose gold will appear. Often referred to as pink gold or red gold, rose gold is a popular choice for bridal jewelry.